Precious Petz: Services


This includes gently massaging the dog's skin, cleansing and moisturising whilst removing dead hair to improve circulation and coat condition, using specialised canine shampoo. The dog is then dried by hand and fully brushed out. This service is ideal for short haired dogs and for long haired dogs in between full grooms, to freshen and maintain their coat.

Dog Groom


Once your puppy has completed all of its its vaccinations, it is essential to get them familiarised as soon as possible to all the sights and sounds of the grooming salon. Our BATH & DRY service is an ideal way to start. This can be done at a reduced rate for your puppy's first visit.

Dog Bath


Includes all of the above from BATH & DRY plus: Your dog will be cut and styled to your preference and lifestyle. Eyes and ears cleaned (plucked if necessary), nails checked and clipped and glands expressed (if required).



De-Matting in extremely matted dogs causes discomfort and suffering. It is our policy here at Precious Petz to shave the whole coat using electric clippers to remove the matted fur.
Many problems can occur in severely matted dogs and these will be discussed with you at the time of your appointment and aftercare will also be advised.
Working together with regular grooms in the salon and plenty of brushing at home ensures your dog has a healthy coat in the future.